Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Irksome people

is it just me or are people who say one thing (even to be polite), when they actually CONSCIOUSLY are aware that they do not mean it, highly annoying?

Nay, even IRKSOME!

It is as if they are deliberately LYING on purpose. Yes I know I was redundant there... screw it.

I do not tell people that I want to do something when I know in fact that I probably have zero fucking interest in doing WITH that person. I do not do it to be polite, I do not tell someone that I think they look great when in fact I think just the opposite, and I do not tell people that I unfriended them either to hurt or salve. If I say that I am interested in doing some activity to a person then I think it goes without saying that I'm interested in possibly doing it WITH them. Otherwise what is the damn point of uttering it?

I also find it particularly galling when people tell me, "oh hey sorry I could not find the time to do that".... are you FUCKING serious? You could not find time? You mean in the time it took for you to type that freaking message you could have just DONE what I wanted lack of time? This is especially annoying when playing Words With Friends. Cause really if you are going to lose you should take it like a wo(man) and just play. No amount of staring at the board is going to make the tiles or score different. I suppose if the vitriol in this rant seems more potent than others it would be because of this unfortunate event in my life:

My ex is the one who taught me how to play WWF (Words With Friends that is NOT the fake wrestling on tv) and despite the fact that I have not had an actual conversation with her in the last 4 months (longer really), we occasionally play a match or two. Now in the past she has mentioned how annoyed she gets with players who take forever to make a move. There is some merit to that especially if you have many games going at once and you get into that rhythm of playing. A few days ago I realized an entire week had gone by without her making a move, granted she was down by 70 points and there was only 1 full rack each and 1 tile left with all the big ones played. But her lame ass excuse to me was "sorry, I cannot find the time to play"... except her "best friend" had told me only the day before that she had been out partying all night. STOP LYING TO ME!! Jesus... or just say that you cannot find a place to play or just resign. Those 7 days changed NOTHING and you did the exact same thing to me that you disliked in others. Thanks a lot.

Anger and annoyance aside, I find it just SO disingenuous... and unnecessary!!! I mean are you not smart enough to come-up with something else? You can not even be bothered to spend an iota of brain power to come-up with something more honest and accurate?! How lazy/stupid/asshole-y ARE you? Or is it just lack of respect for the person you are speaking with?

Or maybe it is just me, I'm too much of a straight-shooter (full of myself too mayhaps?) or I expect too much from people I don't know.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thoughts I Can't Shake

1) Miss you tons... miss hearing your voice, your laugh, your smile. Miss seeing you, at this point I even miss those stupid ass once-every-two week dinners that you used as an excuse.

2) I'm still PISSED (even tho I'm sure you would be like WTF? I'M pissed), but since this is my blog I get to write about how I feel.

3) I still don't understand... I don't understand how a few months could completely change everything, and since I sometimes have a very logical and straightforward mind... I really need to understand.

4) I'm afraid... I'm afraid that you will forget me, or be indifferent to me. I think that would be worse then you not even missing me or being relieved that I'm gone.

5) I'm TERRIFIED that this isn't the bottom.

I've become inspired in some ways to do this blog and also something similar to this... Since you've booted me and the thoughts that I always wanted to share with you (and sometimes images, rants, etc.) are no longer accessible anymore to you. But I still feel the urge to communicate and so I guess with my poor memory and all I'm looking for a repository. This is it. Maybe one day you'll stumble across it (or even better I'll tell you about it) and we won't have missed out on sharing so much of our lives.

Even tho this is one-way, and always will be.

Even tho H would have a field day with this.

Fuck the World, it's me and well... me I guess.

For now.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Per you almost put those OTHER lads to shame

Getty Images took this today from the West Ham match....

(Not sure if this image is the one I'm really looking for, but I think it might be.)

It was like watching Shaq dribble... terrifying and amazingly awkward at the same time. You WANT to root for the big guy (Per in this case), but you're traumatized by the sight and your eyes just want the lad to pass off to a you know, striker/forward/anybody else that close to goal so you don't have to cringe when it's pick-pocketed.

Amazingly, Per pulled a ballerina move and damn near scored just brushing by a few hairs on the outside of the post.

Take THAT Chamakh!!

A reason why the US is screwed

Ok, some people might have heard of this little story going around the ether yesterday.

"Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS..." -- Cardale Jones

Well first off moron, "we ain't" is probably one of the reasons you SHOULD be going to school AND paying attention to classes. Second in one of those classes about statistics (or you know basic math on your part) a troubling fact for you might come-up. The number of college athletes that make a PROFESSIONAL (I know a big word, try to stay with it) living out of their sport. It's dismal... never mind for 3rd string QBs. Thirdly even if by some miracle you actually make it to the NFL (or more likely Arena Football if at all) the odds of you making it past the first few seasons are well... lets say dramatically reduced. What then? With your evident grasp of grammar it's fairly obvious that any employment in an education field is out (we hope!) or for that matter any field that requires any writing, or typing since clearly you don't know when to capitalize either. All of this leads us back to the assumption that I made when I first read of your tweet.

You are an idiot....

and ungrateful, which probably incensed me the most.

Do you know how many Americans do not get to go to college?
Or how many hours many of us have to work to be able to afford college, if we can even do that?
Or how many MORE years we have to work to pay off college loans?

Yet YOU are allowed to go, nay even encouraged to go because you are good at a sport. A FUCKING sport, which while we are discussing it, you aren't even that good at since you're a 3rd string and not at a 10 ten college either. You get a scholarship, you get assistance from your team, you get a system that is designed to help you succeed academically (that apparently you really need to start taking advantage of the sooner the better in my humble opinion). All of these are advantages not afforded many other students.


Now lest some bring-up the issue that you are a college freshman and "haven't we all said things we regret" and shouldn't we cut the kid some slack and all that ilk. To you I say, "yes", he is a freshman, "yes", clearly if Cardale had known beforehand the firestorm it would cause then the tweet might never have been flung into the public sphere. But I say no to the shouldn't you cut him some slack crap. Frankly speaking, I can't think of any student in the history of the World that didn't dislike (or was bored out of their mind) in a class at some point or another. Unfortunately Cardale clearly understands the mechanism of his college education, "we were brought in to play FOOTBALL".... the sheer disdain to which he further compares his classes with playing a sport implies a certain cynical assessment of his place in college life. So no the "kid" doesn't get cut any slack and in fact I further use Mr. Jones as an example of the declining values and direction that the US educational system is headed towards.

We shouldn't be paying these kids, these "athlete-scholars", we should be rewarding the ones that go to school, that take heavy course loads in order to make something of themselves and contribute to a BETTER society in a measurable way. We should be paying the way for engineers, teachers, doctors, writers, artists, journalists and yes even lawyers. SPORTS athletes should be dead LAST on the list of students who should get a free ride. Unfortunately, I'm not a college administrator nor do I influence the directions of laws or programs for schools.

I'm just a fat, unemployed, couch potato... who had an undefeated year in high school basketball, was on the track and field team at my city college, and the crew team at a medium-sized college.

Oh yeah, AND who WENT TO CLASS.